Velocity & Acceleration

What Is Motion?

Motion is mass that moves in space & time.

What are the Measurable quantities describing motion?

  1. Time
  2. Space
  3. Mass

How Is Time Measured?

“What is measured by a clock” -Einstein

What Is Space?

“What Is Measured by a measuring stick”. -Einstein

What Is Speed?

speed is how fast an object moves in space and time.

What is Average Speed?

Calculated speed. Velocity = Distance / Time.

What Is Instantaneous Speed?

The measured speed at each moment.

What Is Velocity?

Velocity is the combination of speed and direction.

What Is The Difference Between Speed & Velocity?

Velocity involves direction. Speed does not.

What Is Acceleration?

How fast velocity changes in time.

What is a [g]?

Ones own body weight.